Q: How long does a typical Full Exterior and Interior Detail Take?
A: An average 4 door sedan takes between 4&7 hours. Larger Vehicles will require additional time. 

Q: What is the difference between the buff that is included in a full exterior detail and paint correction?
A: Buffing removes mild imperfections and adds a gloss. Paint Correction is more in depth, typically used on "show" vehicles or vehicles receiving ceramic coating. 

Q: Does my Full Exterior and Interior Detail include a buff?
A: Yes, unlike our competitors the buffing is included in your full exterior detail price. 

Q: What is Ceramic Coating?
A: One of the simplest ways to describe a ceramic coating is to think about your vehicle's surface. Your vehicle has several layers of paint on it.  A ceramic coating is a sacrificial layer of protection over your vehicles finish. 

Utilizing nanotechnology, ceramic coatings build a permanent bond to your vehicles clearcoat. This clear layer is naked to the eye, but don't let that fool you. This clear layer will not wash away from cleaning or rain, nor will it break down fast like traditional waxes or sealants. In fact they last years! 

Water instantly repels away encapsulating dirt, making your vehicle easier to clean. This hydrophobic effect is known as the self cleaning effect. The hydrophobics of ceramic coatings is the first benefit that draws attention to the end user. While the self cleaning benefit nice, there even better benefits of a Ceramic Coating. 

Ceramic Coatings prevent oxidation, aide in bird droppings, and make your vehicle's surface less prone to scratching. The harden structure left behind from a ceramic coating is 2 to 3 times harder than clear coat. 

Q: Who is the ceramic coating right for?

A: For anyone that wants extra protection, ease of maintenance, and no more waxing. 

Q: Will elements still stick to my vehicle with a ceramic coating?

A: Think of it like a non-stick frying pan. It still needs washed, but is extremely easy to clean.

Q: Does The Detail Spa offer courtesy pickup and delivery?

A: We offer a complimentary shuttle service to the dealership. Depending on location of the vehicle, we may consider pickup and delivery. 

Q: How much do you charge to do boats?

A: $25/ft for polishing and $60/ft for ceramic coating 

Q: Do you have a key drop box?

A: At the Detail Spa we DO NOT! We have a key drop box at the Dealership. Overnight drop offs should be left at the Dealership. 

Q: Where are my floor mats?

A: We place them in the rear of the vehicle. When carpets are still damp, they go in the rear of the vehicle, to avoid mold and mildew growth.  

Q: Why do you need my vehicle all day, if I am only getting an interior?

A: The vehicle may be completed soon, it is important to let it dry as much as possible, to check for stains that may resurface. 

Q: Why did my seats look good when I picked it up, but the stains came back later?

A: Sometimes stains are inside the foam, and the drying process resurfaces them. If this happens, please stop back. (within 2-3 days of initial service) 

Q: Why didn't my scratch come out with buffing or paint correction?

A: We practice preservation over perfection. If the scratch is too deep and removing it will compromise the surrounding area we do our best, but won't worsen the area. 

Q: How often should I wax my vehicle?

A: If you went with our full detail package, we recommend re-waxing every 2-3 months.

Q: Why are my floors shampooed, but not my seats?

A: Seat shampoo is not included in the winter removal package. If you would like both seats, and floor shampooed, you will need to purchase the complete interior detail package. 

Q: Will my vehicle be completed the same day I drop it off?

A: Most vehicles are typically completed same day, as long as they are dropped off before 9am. Under certain conditions, such as pet hair or excessively dirty vehicles, we may need to keep your vehicle over night.  

Q: How long does it take to ceramic coat my vehicle?

A: Our entry level one year coating, can be completed same day. Our high solids coatings, we typically keep the vehicle 36-48 hours depending on the weather. We will provide a loaner vehicle for the high solids coatings. 

Q: How much does ceramic coating cost?

A: This requires visual inspection of the vehicle, because paint conditions may vary. Also this allows us to go over your expectations, to best fit your needs. 

Q: Do you charge extra for pet hair, excessively dirty, or larger vehicles?

A: Yes due to the increased time it takes to detail these vehicles, there is an up-charge. 

Q:Do you do weekend appointments?

A: Currently at this time, we do not. 

Q: Why is there such a price difference in your full detail vs. other shops?

A: Our full detail may be higher or lower based on what is actually included in what that shop considers a full detail. 

**Most competitors do not include a buff in their full detail price. They will charge a separate buff service. 

Q: Do you price match?

A: No we price our services according to skillset, and competitor pricing. 


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